At this point in my work I use Gulp, Webpack, Xcode, as well as various npm and libraries to configure the template for the project

At the moment I have knowledge of html5, ccs3, css animation, scss, sass, EcmaScript & jQuery, application of css grid & bootstrap & flex-box for scraping, interacting with Ajax & JSON, UI, Vue and Swift for native development to iOS

Quick blind printing on the qwerty keyboard, there is a sense of usability

Using adaptive design for your mobile & tablet devices

I try to understand the frontend and use new technologies

What about my location, I will just say that I live in Russia at the moment

I try to work out the result, and bypass my old mistakes side

I'm new to web design


Based on Bitrix & PHP
(on remote startup stage)

October 2019



Based on jQuery & AJAX

April 2019


DiMedia Co.

Based on jQuery & Intersection Observer API




Here were my hands

see full portfolio

mental connection

In any case, your message will be considered.